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Bedroom Coders

Game developers needed!

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Bedroom Coders

Game developers needed!

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Hello to all indie game developers!

I'm posting here because I'm looking to fill a number of well-paid, specialist vacancies in our newly started, next-generation, gaming and internet product. C++ Programmers, Network-dudes, top 3d artists, graphic designers, modders, etc.

We have a small team (approx. 15 people) and are creating something truly special, a gaming concept that will revolutionise the way people experience gaming! We’re funded by a large organisation with more than 16 years of software experience and have started rolling out a new internet/game concept. Concept, prototype and funding are ready now we’re looking for the right people to take things further.

Check http://www.secretProposal.com for more info about the jobs on offer.

The jobs are very well paid and the working conditions are excellent.

Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Kind regards,

Yannick van der Aa

Creative director
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