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Bedroom Coders

Finally getting back into gamemaking...

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Bedroom Coders

Finally getting back into gamemaking...

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I've had a website and a few little 2d game demos up for a while, but when my last computer crashed I stopped making things for a while.
For now I'm being cheap and cheating a bit, using a gamemaker program instead of actually programming it myself. :) But I've got a little 10-level demo of my newest game up.
Break Invaders 2
It's about 3 megs zipped up, most of that is probably sound files and whatnot. I crunched 'em as best I could, low-quality mp3 format. (Not that I had a choice... I couldn't quite do what I wanted to with just MIDIs, the gamemaker program didn't seem to like regular quality mp3s... and wav files would have been WAY too big.)
It's a combination of two classic arcade games: Breakout and Space Invaders. A little more frenetic than either one, since you have to keep the ball bouncing while avoiding enemy fire (and if you can concentrate on three things at once, you can fire back as well.)
I was also working on a little top-down shooter, but hit a few snags with artwork and design, so I put that on the back burner until I finish Break Invaders.
None too shabby for a guy with no budget, and who hasn't done any game design for a while. :)
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