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Bedroom Coders

New around here

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Bedroom Coders

New around here

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Now that I've got this live journal, I may as well use it, right?
So, here goes...

Forsome time now (years actually) I've wanted to get into computer gamedevelopment. I've taught myself openGL and I'm very proficient withC++, so it's just a matter of creating something. The main problem, isthat since my day-job is programming all day, going home andprogramming all night is just not that inviting :(

For the last year and a half, I've been working on an Unreal Tournament mod ( http://www.ut40k.planetunreal.gamespy.com/ ) and while that's been going well, I find that lately I've been losing interest a bit.

I'vebeen reading a bunch of stuff on the Indie game-dev scene. I figure ifothers are making it there, I can as well. So, I'm getting more andmore keen to stop work on the mod and start work on my own game that Icould potentially sell for a few bucks online.

I have loads of ideas for games, but they tend to be aimed quite high for a single guy like me.
So I'll use my journal to post my ideas & progress & stuff.
Hopefully I can figure something out and actually produce something - if my laziness doesn't kick in ;)
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