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Bedroom Coders

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This is a community where people from the 'Just for Fun' school of games coding / development. (i.e. Non-serious, in your bedroom, small teams of individuals, not tied down by publishers / money... Doing it for the love of doing it) can meet and greet like-minded people, and talk about their projects.

Hopefully, the following will happen...

- Indie developers / individuals will be able to get opinions on their projects.
- Teams can maybe form, and everyone can gain experience.
- People will be able to showcase their work.
- Online game magazine folks with an interest in indie games / demos will be able to check out new demos first hand.
- Teams that are missing members, artists that have spare time, Designers with 'the big idea', may just find the like-minded people they need to complete their projects here.
- If you are trying to get into professional game development, you might become involved with projects to add to your portfolio.


- This isn't a tech community. There are far more qualified communities that can help you out with technical issues.
- Obviously... keep it nice. Criticism is great if it's done correctly, but don't just post "Your game is sh*t, I hate it".
- ALL game creators, coders, artists and musicians of all levels are welcome.

List of Indie Developers active in this community....
CMU Game Creation Society
RetroDev Games
Sigil Studios

To get your team name / website link here, simply join up and make a post..

Have fun :)

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